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2022 Club Membership Information

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It's that time of year again when we’re getting back to training and need to renew our membership for 2022. Thankfully, so far, it's looking good to be back to some sort of normal schedule!

Find below some information confirming the membership packages and procedures while addressing some areas that have caused issues in the past. We urge all of our members to read in full and listen to the 8 minute PODcast on our 2022 Membership which our PRO James Henry recorded in conversation with our Treasurer Helen Bray and is now available on our Soundcloud Channel - Click Here

In terms of membership packages, while the full members at the AGM did vote through the proposed increases, the Executive have taken on board the comments made in the discussion that followed and we can confirm there will be the option to pay your membership in instalments and that the club will absorb the cost of referees so parents/players will no longer be required to make a separate contribution for referees fees.

Just a couple of key points to note.

  1. The ClubZap membership system automatically works out the price for you as you build your membership package. As you add members to your package the discounts are applied. See the table below for pricing.

  2. IMPORTANT! If you are renewing your membership, all of your details are already in the system - simply use the same email address you used last year when purchasing your membership and select Start Renewal to renew your membership.
    The form will be pre-populated with your details which you should check and update if required. You can add new family members at this stage. Please note; if you use a different eMail address than what you used last year when subscribing, you will be required to enter all of your details again and you will appear on our membership system as a duplicate which requires significant additional work for the membership committee and may delay your player registration with Foireann (GAA, LGFA and Camogie). If you are unsure which eMail address you used last year - you can check your eMails - subject is Clane GAA Membership Receipt or alternatively contact James Henry (PRO) -

  1. All senior / adult players over 18 years must have paid membership prior to recommencing training or latest by 31st January 2022 in order to be covered by the Player Injury Policy. There are no exceptions – this is in the players’ best interests. In order to train or play all players must first be covered by the Player Injury Policy. This can be paid in full or via instalments on ClubZap but membership registration must be started before January 31st, 2022.

  2. All other members and players must have paid membership by 31st March 2022 in order to be covered by the Player Injury Policy – again there can be no exceptions. We need to take a stronger approach this year in terms of not allowing players to play unless they have paid membership and therefore have cover under the player injury scheme. In the last couple of years, the Club has had to pay several thousand Euro in medical fees/costs for players who had not paid membership but got injured. Once membership is paid then players are registered by our club Registrar on Foireann; unless both (Membership & Foireann registration) are in place players do not have injury cover and will be personally liable for any medical expenses incurred.

  3. In line with the GAA and Clane’s own club constitution, membership must be paid by 31st March in order to have voting rights at the 2022 AGM. Where a member opts to pay by instalment, they will be considered a full member for the purposes of voting so long as they make their first payment by 31st March and complete the payment plan.

  4. All Coaches and anyone participating on a Club Committee must be full members.

  5. All adult players (18+ on January 1st, 2022) must be Full or Student/Apprenticeship members to avail of Player Injury Cover.

  6. Membership packages are detailed below -

Membership Packages

Please note: When selecting and building a family membership package, the adults in that package must be the parents/legal guardians of the children in the package, e.g. if there is a 19-year-old ‘student/apprentice in the family, they cannot be the 2nd adult in a family membership package but must instead select Student/Apprenticeship Membership. Failure to comply will force membership cancellation and issuing of a refund; you will then be required to start the process again.

The membership committee for 2022 consists of:

· Marie Woods Registrar and Michael Hallissy Asst. Registrar,

· Helen Bray, Treasurer manages registration payments (

· James Henry, online membership queries/issues (

We are conscious that these are challenging times for some, particularly those who have been impacted by Covid. Please be assured that we would not want any child / player not to play Gaelic games due to financial constraints. If you have any issues, please contact Marie Woods (0877716058) or Mick Hallissy (0862075494) in absolute confidence.


Why has the membership price increased?

Our membership rates have not increased in a couple of years and will not now increase for another couple of years. Meanwhile the costs of running the club have increased by c. 25% on things like utilities etc. We are conscious that further running costs increases are afoot. Affiliation and registration fees can be up to 35% of the membership fee, so a substantial amount of the monies received by the Club are paid over to GAA, LGFA & Camogie Associations. All in all, membership revenues only cover approx.. 25-30% of the actual costs of running our club. In addition we also have a club development under way and we want to ensure as much of our fundraising activities goes towards the development rather than the day to day costs of running the club.

How can I pay my membership?

The easiest way to pay membership is online at or via the Clubzap App. If you were a member last year you should receive a prompt to log in and pay your membership for 2022. Otherwise, you can find the membership packages on the ‘My Club Shop’ area in the app. If you prefer to pay directly via cash or cheque, please contact Marie or Michael and arrange to make payment to them.

What are the membership payment deadlines?

As an adult player you must have membership paid before you train or at the latest by 31st January 2022.

All other players must have membership paid before 31st March 2022.

Full members must have membership paid by 31st March in order to have voting rights at the 2022 AGM.

After 31st January for adult players (18+) and 31st March for all other players we will not be able to allow any player who has not paid membership to train or play matches as they will not be covered by the Player Injury Scheme

If I have an issue paying, what should I do?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Marie or Michael in confidence and we will work something out with you

If I have a technical issue with Clubzap what should I do?

Please contact James Henry on and he should be able to sort out the issue.

RENEW your Membership – Click Here (see below for membership packages, pricing and details)

Don’t forget to check out the 8 minute PODcast recording on our Soundcloud Channel - Click Here

Don’t forget to check out the 8 minute PODcast recording on our Soundcloud Channel - Click Here

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