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Clane Gaa Bingo


Thank you for your interest in Clane Online Bingo. This will be a weekly event, commencing Thursday 25th February. Your support is greatly appreciated and it is our intention to bring you a quality experience that will bring you some distraction in these challenging times with fun for family and friends.


Our Zoom link will be open from 7:30pm on Thursday evenings. We will commence playing at 8:00pm, sharp, every Thursday so you can make this a permanent fixture in your calendars.

We will have a total of nine games on the night, as follows;


Clane Gaa Bingo Prizes 

Our intention will be that as our online presence grows on a weekly basis, this prize money will increase with additional chances to win. So we would appreciate you “liking” and “sharing” on our Facebook site;

In return we will be running weekly raffles for free game books for all of those who Like and Share our weekly event notifications. Please tell a friend and we will reward you in return for your loyalty and generosity.

Online Bingo FAQ’s

How do I purchase my books for the Online Bingo event?

Please go online and to the following link;

On this page you will find two options for Online Bingo;

1.    Single Book, for €10

2.    Double Book, for €16

3.    Double and Single Book, for €25

You will have to enter specific details for registration prior to making your purchase. Once registered you will be able to complete your purchases online and pay with a credit card or use Apple Pay or Google Pay from your smartphone.

There will be a closing time for purchases of 02:00pm on Thursday. Any purchases made after this time will be entered into the following weeks online event. Bingo books & sheets are not distributed by Clubify/Clubzap or Clane GAA Club. These will be sent to you separately by our bingo organiser via eMail to all participants after the 2pm cut off on Thursday and prior to the start of the event at 08:00pm, (Zoom connection will be open from 07:30pm).

How do I logon to the event?

Once you have purchased your book(s) online you are ready to access the scheduled event from 07:30pm with bingo starting at 08:00pm.

You will receive an eMail with your purchased Bingo Book(s) attached. In that eMail there will be a Zoom link for you to click on to log you into the online event and the game by game number calling.

You will have to be connected to the Internet on a PC or other device such as a Tablet, iPad, Smart Phone. (Apple or Android).

We recommend Zoom for the best playing experience but we will also be live streaming with Facebook Live from the Clane GAA Facebook page for those that cannot use Zoom.

Bingo Book/Card Options:

***It is best if you can print out your bingo card and circle the numbers as they are called out.

If you do not have a printer:

  • Suggestion 1: Copy the bingo card using pen and paper. Write out the bingo numbers as they appear on your individual bingo card. Then mark off circling the numbers.
  • Suggestion 2: Using a smartphone or tablet, take a screen shot of your bingo ticket and save it to your photos. You can then mark the numbers on your device.

How does the game work?

We will use software called “Play & Check” which the host or caller shares with the players at the session. We will do this using the “share screen” function on Zoom. This software has been specifically designed to be used for an online bingo session.  When using it the caller enters the range of bingo panels that have been distributed for each game and this allows the software to notify the caller when one of the bingo panels has had a “check”. This allows the caller to pause and ask the players if any of them has indeed “checked”. Once the player has identified themselves, the bingo caller can then verify the “check” by entering the panel number at the side of the “checked” box. This allows the caller to validate that it was indeed a legitimate “check”. Details of the winner are then noted and the game proceeds. The “Play & Check” allows for single line, double line and full house prizes on each game.

Do you have a Support contact?

If you have any issues or questions please eMail us on and we will get back to you ASAP.

If I win, how do I get my money?

The details of all winners will be taken on the night. The following day we will be in contact with the list of winners to determine the best method of electronic transfer of monies from the following options;

  • Paypal Account
  • Bank IBAN Details – direct to your bank account
  • Revolut – direct to your Revolut account (on your phone)

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