Download the ClubZap App for all the latest Clane GAA News straight to your phone!

We have began testing of the ClubZap app to keep our members and supporters updated on all the latest news at Clane GAA. The app is simple to use and allows you to see upcoming fixtures, check results, view reports and other news articles relating to the club.

Read on for a quick overview of how you can install ClubZap and the features and functions available.

Installing ClubZap
  1. First you need to install the App. Click here on your phone to download and install the app for free.
  2. After installation you will be asked to select a club – choose Clane GAA and follow the registration/verification instructions.If you need more help on installing the App – click here.
Main Features
  1. Club News
    The news feed lists news and updates on all of the teams you follow e.g. Minor Football, Senior Football, FĂ©ile Hurling etc. We will be adding all of the teams over the next couple of weeks. You can choose which teams you want to follow in your notification settings. Ensure you only select the teams you want to follow and get updates on. General club news will be sent to all subscribers.
  2. Notifications
    When you select the teams you want to follow you will get notifications and updates on fixtures and results straight to your phone as well as any match reports etc.
  3. Team Communications
    Coaches and Managers can create a secure chat group for their team (replacing WhatsApp) and allows the manager to communicate with players and parents directly in a 1 to Many fashion. A manager can also schedule a training session and match and allow players/parents to confirm attendance without bothering the whole group as is the case in Whatsapp. The added bonus is that peoples phones numbers and eMail addresses remain private and GDPR compliant.
  4. Fixtures and Results
    Fixtures and results are posted and readily available on your phone at all times. You will receive a reminder notification the day before a match to a team you follow and the result of the match when it’s submitted (for the teams you subscribe to).
Sample Images from the App